Angel Tree Camp

I leave tomorrow morning (August 2) for Ceta Canyon, where I have the opportunity to be a part of Angel Tree Camp.  This camp, which lasts Thursday through Sunday, is a free camp for kids in Kindergarten through 5th grade who have a family member in prison.  Over 150(!) kids are signed up to attend.  The camp is just an incredible opportunity for kids who grow up in great uncertainty and fear to get away from their everyday life and experience the love of Jesus.

My primary responsiblity is staying in a cabin with 14 fourth grade boys (don’t worry, I have 3 college/high school age boys helping me).  Each cabin has a designated color to wear as we compete for spirit points and in games and stuff.  We’re the orange team.   I’d prefer gray, because I have lots of gray shirts, but what can you do?  The theme for the whole weekend in “Superheroes” based on us being “more than conquerors through Jesus” from Romans 8:37.  Apparently, I get to spend much of tomorrow morning dressed up as Superman to greet the campers when they arrive.  I guess it was my muscular build that got me that role.

As far as other responsibilities, onThursday night I’m doing a magic show for the camp.  On Friday morning, I’m the speaker at chapel, where I’ll talk about “Super Kids in the Bible.”  I want them to learn that God can use them right now to change the world around them.  And then on Friday evening, we’re having a campfire, where I’ll be introducing that night’s devotional on dealing with anger.

I’m reall excited and a bit nervous – I did a magic show for this camp 2 years ago, but have not had any other experience with the camp, so I don’t know fully what to expect.  I know we’re going to be dealing with some rough kids dealing with really tough circumstances.  I can’t wait to see what God does in their lives.  Pray that the love of Jesus will be revealed to the kids this week.  And pray for strength for all the counselors as we deal with lots of issues on little sleep.  

I’m looking forward to seeing changed little lives this week.  I’ll let you know all that happened when I get home. Thanks for your prayers!



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