Childlike Faith


A little over two weeks ago, Suzanne Schroder’s dad, Jake Pickard, passed away.  Suzanne is a member of the Mission 2540 board and extremely active out at the Rose Plaza apartments.  I told the kids out there what had happened, and asked them to make cards or pictures for Suzanne.   And since they love her so much, everyone made Suzanne something. 

Above is a picture that Ty drew.  He told me “it’s Jesus coming out of heaven to get Suzanne’s dad and to take him back there with him.”  I really love that picture.  Maybe it’s because I’m a sap, but I actually got choked up a little bit when Ty showed it to me.  It’s a simple picture from the mind of an 8 year old boy, but it’s also an incredible picture of the gospel.  Look at the picture.  Jesus is getting Suzanne’s dad out of a grave.  I’m not sure just how theologically accurate Ty’s depiction is, but that’s what makes it such a great drawing. 

It’s simply Ty’s interpretation of the gospel.  Jesus (with a backward “J”) is rescuing Jake from death.  That’s what His work on the cross did for all of us.  I like it when the simple faith of an 8 year old reminds old me of that. 


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