Mom’s Bible Study at Rose Plaza


 (Picture of the first Rose Plaza Mom’s Bible Study – clockwise from top left: Leisa, Iras, Tavian, Tamera, Chanelle, and Suzanne)

After much prayer, A Bible Study for mom’s has finally begun at Rose Plaza.  Suzanne Schroder’s friend, Leisa, recently told Suzanne that she felt God called her to begin a women’s Bible Study, and that she needed to call Suzanne to find out where to get started.  Suzanne told her she had just the group of women for Leisa.  And so on Sunday evening, the women met for the first time.  Here’s what Suzanne said about the first meeting: 

We met last night for the first SHOP Women’s Bible Study. There were two women who came, Iras and Chanelle. Because Terrence wasn’t home from workTamara and Tavian also came! We had a sweet time of singing praise and reading a few scriptures and sharing prayer requests.

Our first night Leisa wanted to get to know the women so we will start with a study in Proverbs next week. Chanelle was most delighted last night. “This is like an outing for me”, she said. Because of her disability she never really leaves the apartment with Terrence working now.  Be in prayer for the many women who have expressed an interest but had excuses for not being there.

The enemy will try hard to keep them away but we pray that knowing women are being encouraged and hearing the singing will bring them in. We are excited to start this new ministry. It has been a heart desire of mine for about a year now.”

Please be in prayer for this great new ministry at Rose Plaza.


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