What would you like to know about God?

Last week, I asked the kids at the North Grand Villas, “What is one thing you’d like to know about God?”  Here are some of their responses:

 “How old is He?” – Miranda, age 6

“What does He do for a living?” – Jay-C, Age 8

“How can He see everybody?” – Kambra, age 8

“What color is He?” – Maliya, age 7

“How He made everybody.” Elvida, age 10

“When He is mad does He make storms?” Tiffani, age 11

“When He cries does it rain?” – Alounny, age 10

“Are all of us brothers and sisters?” Alexis, age 6

“Does he really have powers?” Michael, age 8

It’s going to be fun trying to answer some of those over the next few weeks.  I love that kids are curious, and not afraid to ask about anything.  I think God loves that about them, too.


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