A Reunion of Sorts

Man, I’m bad about keeping this thing updated. 

Cool story last week – on Thursday, I went to Travis Middle School to watch the 7th grade boys basketball team play Crockett.  When I walked into the gym lobby, I saw the familiar face of a boy I hadn’t seen in two years. It was Hussein.

I met Hussein at Eastridge Elementary School 3 years ago.  Every week, I go out there and help with the Good News Bible Club put on by CEF.  I do a couple of magic tricks to get the kids excited and then spend the rest of the time calming them down so they’ll listen.  Hussein is from Sudan – he has some incredible stories about his time there, by the way.  He and his friends would always run up to me and say, “Magic man!  Magic man!  Do a trick!”

So when I show up at Travis, I see Hussein, who is now a 7th grader, and I yell out his name and walk up to him.  He stares at me for a minute in that “I-think-I-recognize-you-but-I’m-not-sure-from-where” kind of way, then a smile breaks out on his face. 

“Do a trick!”

I guess I made an impact on him.  We went into the gym to watch the game together.  A bunch of his friends from Eastridge were in the stands as well, and I spent most of the first quarter making things disappear for them. 

I felt like David Blaine, only not as creepy.  Good times.


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