Small beginnings

Yesterday was our first Bible Study at the North Grand Villas since the Christmas party.  The apartment’s after-school program has been closed since the 21st and won’t open again until Monday.  I was expecting a pretty small group of kids as a result.  My hunch was right.  It was just me, Jose, Elvida, and A, but it was a really good afternoon.  Jose and I continued our Madden ’04 rivlary on the Game Cube, and we all played several spirited games of balloon ball – I have a few carpet burns to prove it.   

Used to, I would have been frustrated by not having “big numbers” yesterday because, face it, the Church is numbers driven.  Talk to someone about the church you attend, and within a few minutes I guarantee you’ll be asked something along the lines of “How many people to you usually have in your service?”  I’m part of a church that’s only a couple of years old, and I get asked that all the time.  But really – who cares?  Numbers don’t say much about what you’re doing other than that you’re pretty good at marketing.  Jesus said He’s wherever two or three are gathered.  So I’ve grown to be content with that.  (Of course, my degree is in advertising/marketing, so maybe somethings wrong with me).

So yesterday, the number four was just right.  I’ve known Elvida for nearly three years now, and she’s growing in her understanding of Jesus and how He feels about her.  Jose is full of energy and full of curiosity about God’s word.  He’s at the Bible studies nearly every week because he’s really into the Bible.  A’s family is Laotian, and she’s grown up Buddhist – but more along the lines of a Christian who only attends church on Easter and Christmas.  She absolutely has no knowledge or God, Jesus, the Bible, or anything.  Her mom still lets her come to my stuff – I guess because Jose and Elvida are her best friends.  So now she’s learning.  I pray she’ll continue to ask the questions she asks about sin and heaven and Jesus.  I pray I’ll be able to get to know her mom and sister and brother as well.

So yesterday was a good day.  Our numbers were good.


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