Not so small beginnings

Funny how things work.  I had 3 kids at NGV on Thursday.  Yesterday, our first day back at Rose Plaza since before the holidays, we had 25 kids.  I don’t quite know how we all fit in there, but we did.  Kids were coming out of the wordworks.  There were even some kids I’d never met before who live in the apartment complex adjacent to Rose Plaza.  Crazy.  We’re going to have to expand the SHOP if this keeps up.

Speaking of Rose Plaza, I’m starting something new there this week.  We’ll start a weekly men’s Bible Study on Fridays at noon.  Mission 2540 will provide lunch and the study.  The last two months, I’d been coming out on Saturdays every few weeks.  That didn’t work so well, so we’re going to try this.  I’m really excited about it and I’m praying that men will come and that we can build life-changing relationships with some hurting men.


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