This year for our kids Bible Studies, we’re going through the Old Testament and learning about the different types of families.   (I use the curriculum from a great resource and ministry called Mission Arlington) .  Anyway, this week we’re in the middle of the story of Abraham and his family.  And that means the story of Lot and Sodom.  You know, the activities that go on in Sodom aren’t the most kid-friendly.  And I usually do some sort of craft or game, and what do you do for that?? 

In that story, though, I think the kids can learn about God’s protection.  Angels come and visit Lot and warn him to get out before the Lord sends down burning sulfur.  So I figured we should talk about angels.  I had the kids use their creativity and create angels out of all kinds of craft stuff.  They made the angels look however they thought angels should look.  Below are some pictures of what they did.  I loved it.   





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  1. livequietly · · Reply

    Good craft!

    My favorite part of the story of Lot and Sodom is the conversation between God and Abraham. With reverence and deference and with true humility Abraham appealed to God to change His mind with regards to Sodom on behalf of the righteous. What a great reminder of how prayer really can move the heart of God!!!!

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