I’m kind of pulling my hair out this morning.  I’m trying to put together a Bible Study for my older boys for this afternoon.  They’ve been hounding me for months to let them study the book of Revelation.

And why wouldn’t they?  There’s war and destruction and battles and Jesus defeating Satan and the earth being destroyed and all kinds of fun stuff in there.  They’re fascinated with it.  But the whole book doesn’t make much sense to me – or most people who read it, for that matter.  Scholars have been arguing about it and what it means for nearly 2000 years now.

But we’re going to study the book, because it’s in the Bible and my boys are fascinated by it. Why? Because humans are created in God’s image.  We’re eternal, and eternity minded.  We’re not here just for the temporary.  That’s why my guys are so intrigued by Revelation and angels and demons and spiritual matters.  Because there’s just got to be more to life on earth than just living, getting old and then dying.  They’ve got a hunger to know more of what the future really holds for them.

So we’re going to jump into Revelation this afternoon and try to learn from it together.  It should be fun. 



  1. Let me know how it turns out.

  2. livequietly · · Reply

    Have a great time! While I find it to be mystifying too, I also find it to be a source of motivation. Good for your boys! They are living out their design. The man in the Bible who was called a man after God’s own heart was David. A mighty warrior! We shouldn’t forget that aspect of our identity in Christianity.

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