What does your name mean?

Boy, I need to do a better job of updating this thing more often.  I guess I’m too busy or something.

Anyway, this week at our Kids’ Bible Studies, we’ve continued our yearlong journey through the Old Testament.  This week’s lesson is on the birth of Isaac, and how he was given his name by Sarah because it meant “laughter.” 

We talked about names and what our names mean, and we looked up all the kids names to see what they meant at a great site (www.behindthename.com) and made bracelets bearing the meaning of each kid’s name.  Some of the names weren’t listed there, obviously.  (There may be only one TaeKwon in all of the US, after all).  But I was able to find names close to theirs.  And if I couldn’t find anything, we went with what I thought of when I heard their name. 

It was pretty cool, especially for girls like Maritza, who found out her name derives from Mary, which means “beloved.”  She feels anything but that most of the time.  But she’s learning that she is God’s beloved – all the time.

It’s been fun.  By the way, my name means “dweller by the brook. “


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