Tuesday at our Boys Youth Bible Study at the North Grand Villas, we continued our look at the book of Revelation – not my choice, but the boys really wanted to read it.  Anyway, Jose, a fifth grader, prayed at the end of everything.  He began his prayer, “Lord, thank you that Brooks is helping us read the book of Revolutions.”  I thought that was funny. 

And speaking of revolutions, yesterday I finished up another year of helping out at Eastridge Elementary with the Good News Bible Club and CEF.  I’ve been doing magic tricks at those studies and helping with crowd control for three years now.  This year was pretty crazy – we ended up averaging close to 50 kids a week for the last couple of months.  It was organized chaos, or maybe just chaos.  But it’s been fun.  Black, white, hispanic, asian, Sudanese – we’ve got a huge melting pot of kids over there.  I wish I could have remembered to bring my camera, but I’m always too busy coming up with new magic tricks to remember it.  But it’s been great, and I look forward to next year.



  1. Blackstens · · Reply

    That cracks me up!!!! I am going to have to take some credit for that one. We have been reviewing for our science TAKS test. They have to know the difference between a planet’s rotation on its axis and its “revolution” around the sun. They get very confused. I am glad to know he is listening to both of us.

  2. Jose calls me Mr. Blacksten at least twice every time we’re together. I get a lot of “hey Mr. Blacksten, I mean Brooks” from 5th graders every year, but Jose is by far the worst offender ever.

  3. Blackstens · · Reply

    Same here.

    Such a confused little boy. I laughed every time I saw him today.

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