Good stuff.

The ministry of Mission 2540 involves lots of frustrations, disappointments, and heartbreaks.  They outnumber the good stuff quite a bit.  I see lots of bad things, say a lot of good-byes, observe lots of reckless behavior, etc.  Just last week one of our families had their kids taken away by CPS, one (that I know of) had to have the police pay a visit, and one got an eviction notice. Bad stuff.

So Saturday at church was one of those neat, rewarding times for me.  I got to see a glimse of the fruit of lots of labors and lots of prayers.  We held our baby dedication, and Nique was there to dedicate her daughter Nehemiah to the Lord.  She and her daughter are an incredible picture of the hope and grace that Jesus can bring into any situation. 

Nique has defied so many odds as a teenage mother of two.  She graduates from High School soon, works hard at her job, and has made a college degree a goal of hers.  I am so proud of her and the incredible godly mother she’s becoming.  Sunny and I were a part of her baby dedication and will be on hand for her graduation.  We kind of feel like proud parents, or maybe a proud aunt and uncle or something. 



  1. This is so awesome, Brooks!! Nehemiah is getting so big! What a blessing this is for you and Sunny! Congrats!

  2. I can’t believe this picture. I have never seen Nehemiah in person-she’s so big already. Guess we’ve missed a lot, huh! What a blessing to be able to see some of the fruits of your labor!

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