NGV End-of-School-Year Fun

Friday evening at the North Grand Villas, we had a big pizza party to celebrate school ending.  Constance, who runs the Good Neighbor after school program, the NGV staff, and I worked together to provide pizza, prizes, candy, t-shirts, and lots of fun.  Constance and a few of the kids even made two pinatas out of balloons and paper mache.  That was a big hit. 

The girls enjoy their pizza and discuss life.

The boys eat pizza while playing video games, thus proving boys and girls are different.

I’ve got close to 20 of these swinging-at-the-pinata picture, but these two give you an idea of what it looked like.  The kids had lots of fun, and finally both got destroyed, and the mad dash for the candy began…

And yes, that’s 2540 board member Brad Borden (in the red shirt) competing with 8 year-olds for candy. In his defense, he was helping out his little girl. 

Nique, holding my baby Blythe, and Nique’s aunt Janae take in all the pinata action.  Blythe doesn’t seem too impressed.

Finally, the kids lined up to get their prizes and cool “Summer Blowout” t-shirts that I got my brother to design for me.  It was a great night.



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