Rose Plaza End-of-the-School-Year Fun

Friday was the last day of school, so we celebrated with the kids from both Rose Plaza and NGV.  It was a long, hot, really fun day.

Suzanne and I picked up the Rose Plaza crew after school ended (while our friend Nellie got the grill going) and went to Forrest Hill Park to cook hot dogs and play.  The city park people turned the splash pad on for us, and the kids had a blast.

Adal seemed to enjoy his hotdog.

The splash pad was obviously a huge hit.

Nellie brought cookies and icing to decorate the cookies.  The kids loved it.  I think they all ate 4 or 5 icing-covered cookies each.  But you only live once, right?

Here’s me, Nellie, and the kids.  Suzanne took the picture, so she got left out.  She was there thought, I promise.  If you’d like to see more pictures, Suzanne put together a slide show of everything HERE.  



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