Tuesday afternoon fun

Every summer, Multi-Housing Outreach (a ministry of the Amarillo Baptist Association run by my good friend Jeff Parsons) brings in several college-aged summer missionaries to do outreaches and several large, low-income apartment complexes throughout Amarillo.   This year, they come to the North Grand Villas every Tuesday afternoon to play games (usually involving water, which the kids love) tell a Bible Story, and eat popsicles. 

The kids have a blast and fall in love with Jeff’s guys and girls every year.  It’s fun for me, because it allows me to simply walk the property to gather kids, meet new families, and spend time ministering to families.  Inevitably, every time I walk through NGV, someone will stop me with a question about a)my Bible Studies, b) church/God/religion, or c) whether or not I can help them with rent or groceries or bills.  It’s pretty much a guarantee.   By having Jeff’s group there, I’m freed up to spend more time every week having just those kinds of conversations.

Anyway, here are a few pictures I took from Tuesday’s fun:

The kids play follow the leader.

Geting instructions for a complicated game apparently involving a frisbee.

Hearing the story of the Good Samaritan.


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