Rose Plaza Snacks

One thing we’ve always done every Monday at our Rose Plaza Bible Study is provide snacks for the kids.  They don’t always have a lot to eat (especially healthy stuff) at their homes, so the snacks just may be their favorite part of the Bible study (even more than my incredible lessons – imagine that!)

The snacks are made possible for the most part by a great group of couples from Paramount Baptist Church.  A wonderful woman named Anita, on her own decided a couple of years ago to get several of their Median Adult Sunday School Classes to provide snacks on a rotating basis.  Over 30 couples pick a week or two out of the year and provide my kids with fruits and crackers and yogurt and cheese sticks and any number of enjoyable and healthy food.  It is greatly appreciated and really alleviates some of the costs of ministry for Mission 2540.  Here are some pictures of the kids enjoying yesterday’s “feast.”


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