I’ve been light on posting this summer.  It’s crazy around here. 

I don’t know why, but this week a lot of my kids are going through some really tough stuff.  Asking kids what they need prayers for is sometimes not so fun.  In the midst of things like “my dog is sick” or “my birthday is tomorrow and I hope I have a fun party,” are requests like the following, all of which I’ve heard this week:

“My mom’s afraid she’s going to have to go to jail.  Pray that she won’t.”

“My dad gets out of jail next week. Pray he won’t go back.”

“My mom and grandma are fighting and not talking to each other.”

“My mom is back on drugs.”

From some parents:

“I’m afraid I’m about to lose my home and my kids.  Please help me.”

“My family is falling apart.”

Some weeks are tougher than others, and this is one of those weeks.  We live in a broken world full of people desperate for hope.  The love of Jesus is the only thing in the world that lasts.  Pray for me as I do my best to bring that hope to some hurting families.


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  1. Jean Wyble · · Reply

    You are doing an amazing job! Your heart is in line with the Holy Spirit annointing your moves; keep it up brother….even though what it looks like is that the kids are enjoying the extra food (and I’m sure they are), they are being fed the word of God and SHOWN by your actions the love of Jesus through you!
    “Do not be dismayed, for ‘I am’ with you”
    comes to mind immediately….Thank you so much for what you do and know that we are behind you, encouraged by your willingness to serve God where He leads…

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