Glory Camp Update

Whew!  I’m tired.  We spent last week at Glory Camp and then I spent the weekend at Angel Tree Camp, and I’m spent.  Last week was great.  I’ll show some pictures of Glory Camp today, and update on Angel Tree Camp tomorrow.

We ended up bringing 18 Mission 2540 kids to Glory Camp (Highland Lakes Campground, which is located on Lake Travis near Austin) with the youth of Messiah’s House, my church.  Originally 20 were going, but 2 canceled last minute.  That’s extremely frustrating, but there’s nothing you can do about a mother’s changed mind!

17 of the 18 who went had a great week.  One girl didn’t, had some major behavioral problems and was sent hope early.  Again – extremely frustrating, but something that can be expected on occasion from the kids we work with.

This year’s camp was a little different than the ones we’ve gone to in the past.  The vast majority of the kids I brought have already been lead to the Lord over the past few years, so this year’s camp was less about a salvation experience and more about their spiritual growth.    This was great, and also messy.   We dealt with issues like loneliness, anger, forgiveness, fear, and abandonment.  Lots – and I mean lots – of tears were shed as broken kids experienced the love of Jesus.

My prayer is that lives were forever changed. I pray that some fo the new friendships that were formed between my kids and “church” friends will become real and they’ll learn to support each other the way godly friends are supposed to. 

Thanks to all of you who gave so that 18 kids could get away from rough, often scary homelives to play games, make friends, be loved on, and experience God.  You made a difference.

Now for some of the pictures my wife Sunny took:


Above – Nene, Tiara, Aran and Shy enjoying a break during rec time.

Here’s Devonte and Tevin trying to avoid rec time, more than likely.

Me forcing Brandon to hug me after seeing him trying to hug on some girls.  I’m mean that way.


Heading into worship on the final night.  We all look a little tired – me more than the rest.

Camp was a blast.  I’ll have more details and pictures of other stuff soon!


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