Congratulations, Nique!

Sunday afternoon was a top 5 moment for me in the history of Mission 2540.

I first met Nique in 2005 shortly after the ministry began.  She was a 15 year old freshman at Palo Duro and 6 months pregnant.  She gave birth to her son Jhamaii in March and chose to raise him and go to school as well.  About a year later, she found out she was pregnant again.  While pregnant with her daughter Nehemiah, she went with us to Glory Camp and accepted Christ.  She was baptized while 7 months pregnant – pretty cool.

So with 2 kids to raise and working full time to support them, Nique found time to continue pressing on with her school work with hopes of going to nursing school.  It was not without its challenges, but she is determined to make a great life for her sweet family. 

In May of this year, a few weeks before graduation, Nique got the devastating news that she hadn’t passed one portion of her TAKS test and wouldn’t be able to walk across the stage and graduate.  Instead of throwing in the towel, she went to tutoring this summer and in July after much study and prayers from many of us, she took her TAKS for the last possible time. 

A week ago Monday I got a phone call with Nique screaming in the other end (which she rarely does, as she’s pretty low key) that she just found out she had passed and was going to get to graduate!

So Sunday afternoon, Nique walked across the stage and received her high school diploma.  She bucked so many odds to get that thing.  The odds a teenage mother (let alone mother of two) will graduate from high school are not good.  But she did it.

Jhamaii and Nehemiah were very proud.  I set with Jhamaii, and he kept asking me “Is Nique graduating? ” (he calls her Nique insted of mom for reasons known only to him.)  Here’s the proud boy:

And here’s his proud little sister, pointing on her newly graduated mom:

We’re all so proud of you Nique!



  1. Suzanne · · Reply

    What a great story…Yay Nique!

  2. Charlotte Coston · · Reply

    I am so sad to read about the young mother and her baby that died. It broke my heart. I will lift this family up to our Lord for comfort.

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