North Grand Villas Back-to-School Party

Mission 2540 just finished handing out backpacks to around 125 kids.  I thought it was going to be 115 kids until late last week when we had 10 late sign-ups.  Thankfully we were able to get those kids fixed up as well.  Thanks to all who took time to shop for kids or hand out backpacks or gave money to help out.  You helped us make a big difference in the lives of many families.

Saturday we planned our annual North Grand Villas Back-to-School cookout and backpack handout party.  What we didn’t plan for was a huge downpour of rain.  Northeast Amarillo got a lot of rain:

Notice the puddles of water below the playground, though that didn’t seem to deter Shalandria, Myia, Shanyiah and my kids Karsen and Luke.

It did deter most everyone else, so we handed out the supplies door-to-door:


A few kids and families still wanted some hotdogs, so board member Bryson Oeschger put his cooker to use and grilled 30 or so dogs while standing in the rain.  I don’t guess he minded.  We all gathered under the gazebo and enjoyed soggy food. 

It wasn’t ideal, but all in all it was fun, and everyone got school supplies, which was kind of the point.  Details on yesterday’s Rose Plaza Party (which was almost as soggy) will come soon.


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