Rose Plaza Back-to-School Party

I’m finally getting to this a week later – busy, busy times.  Last Monday (August 18) we had a wet, wild, and slightly cold back-to-school cookout and backpack handout party for the Rose Plaza kids.  We went out to Forest Hill Park and cooked hotdogs.  After about 15 minutes, it began to rain pretty steadily.  It wasn’t a downpour, so we braved it and had a good time.  Some of the kids even decided to get even wetter and played on the water splash pad they have at the park.  That was crazy, but they’re kids and – hey, what can you do? 

A little more sun would have been nice, but we all had a great time and, most importantly, everyone got their school supplies.

Here are some of the kids under the gazeebo trying to stay warm:


Here’s Terrance, Tamera’s dad, who came out to grill the dogs for us.  He got wetter than anybody, but he loves to grill.  Thanks Terrance!


Rain won’t stop us guys from playing a little football.


Handing out the backpacks full of supplies.


Kindergartner Taekwaun thinks his new pack is great.

Thanks to everyone who helped out with this year’s school supply outreach. (and Christmas is just around the corner!)


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