Some random stuff

Man, it’s been a long time (two weeks) since I’ve updated the blog.  Things have been busy, I haven’t taken many pictures, and nothing “BIG” has really happened.  But here’s a few odds and ends of Mission 2540 news:

1) At the North Grand Villas I’ve always worked closely with the after-school program they have in place out there.  Constance had been in charge of it for the last year, but she stepped down back in August.  They’ve finally hired a new person out there named Krissa.  She seems like she’ll do a great job.  Her first official week is this week.  The kids are excited to have someone new.  Hopefully she and I will be able to work together to get more kids involved.

2)  Speaking of more kids, last Thursday I had the most kids at my Bible study that I’ve had in a long time.  There were I think 18 or 19, and eight of my “regulars” weren’t even there.  Weird, but fun.  Lots of new little ones running around, so it was chaotic, but great fun.

3)  I went to a fast food place for dinner after church last week, and the girl at the drive thru looked really familiar.  She looked at me like I knew her, and I looked at her name tag.  It turns out she’s a girl named Clarissa that lived at Rose Plaza around 3 years ago.  She’s grown up quite a bit since then and is now a Senior in High School.  She and her 3 little sisters have lived a pretty rough life and have lived in a lot of different places.  It was great catching up, and I hope to be back in contact with their familiy. 

That’s about it for now.  I should have some pictures up by the end of the week, I hope.


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