Strongman Competition

I told you I’d have pictures soon.  They’re just a week late.  Over the last week at our kids Bible Studies, we’ve studied Samson.  Since he was a strong guy, we had a “weightlifting” competition.  Basically, the kids had to lift a huge 30 pound weight, clean and jerk style, as many times as they could.  At both the North Grand Villas and Rose Plaza, a girl won.  This is not suprising, as girls in fifth grade are usually larger and more coordinated than their male counterparts.  But its a bit devastating for the boys, nontheless. 

Here are a few pictures from the Rose Plaza Competition (unfotunately, we didn’t get any at NGV).  Sorry for the poor quality, as they’re from my sorry camera phone.

Tamera, our second place finisher, is happy about lifting weights.  But she’s always happy.

I’m not sure if Adal weighs much more than 40 pounds, so I was a little worried he might hurt himself.  But he’s scrappy and did quite well for himself.

Maritza is not much for athletic events.  She would rather be singing.  But the contest brought out a suprising competitiveness in all the kids.  Martitza got after the lifting.  It was pretty funny.


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