We’re Blowin’ Up

The last year or so, our numbers of kids coming to the Thursday Bible Study at NGV has dropped quite a bit and had become pretty inconsistent.  We might have 5 kids one week, 10 the next.  Occasionally on a big day, we had 15.   But something’s changed over the past couple of weeks.  We’re back at the levels were were 2 or 3 years ago.  Why?  Who knows? My guesses:  More kids in the area whose parents will let them go; more kids inviting their friends; and Krisa, the new after-school program director rounding up more kids are probably the driving force behind it. 

Whatever the case, it’s lots of fun having so many kids.  I’m not a real numbers driven guy at this point, and had made my peace with just hanging out with a few kids.  But meeting so many new kids is extremely invigorating.  We had at one point 25 kids yesterday (a couple left early with family, another got sick).  Fun times.  Here are some photos of the fun:

(Thanks Bryson and Josh for showing up to help out.  I needed it!)


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