Weird yet fun relay games

I’m always on the lookout for new, fun games.  I found a weird one this week that I revised a little bit for us to play this week.  We talked about Ruth and how in order to eat she had to collect wheat and separate it in order to make bread.  So obviously, I came up with a game involving seperating cotton balls and dried macaroni noodles (hey, its a stretch but the supplies are easy and cheap).  Anyway, each team has a bucket full of noodles and cotton balls mixed together.  Kids on each team are wrapped in tape, and the rest of the kids have to sort the macaroni noodles out and stick them on one kid and the cotton balls on the other.  First team done wins.  It’s exciting and rather comical.

Here’s Adal and Hunter at Rose Plaza (there weren’t many kids there, so Adal was the only taped up player on his team and got covered in both cotton and noodles):

At NGV, here is Andrew putting cotton balls on “Tae-Tae”. In the background, Taylor waits patiently for someone to stick some noodles on him. 

Weird?  Yes.  Fun?  Definitely.


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