Christmas Delivery!


On Saturday morning, a big group of people took off and delivered presents to 175 kids in 49 different families.  It was quite an undertaking but lots of fun.  Really, it’s one of the funnest things Mission 2540 does all year. 

So thanks so much to everyone who bought, wrapped, paid for, or delivered (or all of the above) presents this year.  We made a difference and brought a little joy into the lives of a whole bunch of families that aren’t always filled with a lot of hope this time of year.  Below are a bunch more pictures of all the fun from Saturday.


It takes a lot of people to load and deliver all the boxes and boxes of gifts.  Thanks to Brad, Bryson, Trey and Julie, Sean, Jenks, Mom and Dad, Larry, Alan, Suzanne, Sunny, the Toolies, and all of our various children who helped out.


Here’s what a vehicle filled with presents looks like:


And here are a few happy faces (well, some actually look sleepy, but I’m sure they’re still happy).




Yesterday at Rose Plaza, kids kept thanking me for buying them presents or saying, “Mr. Brooks bought me this” or “I hope Mr. Brooks bought me that.”  I kept telling them it wasn’t me but it was lots of other people who got the presents.  I’ll probably continue to get the “Thank You’s,” but it’s those of you who helped us provide the presents that really deserve them. 

So I’ll  officially pass them on from the kids to you: “THANK YOU!”


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