NGV Christmas Party

We had our annual North Grand Villas Christmas Party last night, and it was a great time.  45 kids and a bunch of their moms and several Mission 2540 volunteers gathered and ate great food, sang songs, and heard the Christmas story.  I think everyone had a great time.  I was really excited by the turnout.  We put together gift bags for all the kids (I made a total of 50 and had 5 left over – that’s how I know we had 45 kids, btw), and Kristie Tooley, one of our board members, brought gloves to give to any of the kids who didn’t have any (which I think was pretty much all of them).    So everyone left happy.  Here are some pictures:



Waiting in line to get some delicious eats.


Josh leads us all in Christmas carols the help of Michael and Terrell (they chose to sing in a different key than Josh played in, but it was great anyway!).


Here’s what a big pile of gift bags look like.


This is what it looked like handing them out.


I may not look happy in this picture, but trust me – we all had a great time.  Thanks to everyone who helped!


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