A fun story


Ty is a fourth grader who has been coming to our Rose Plaza Bible Study since it began.  He didn’t actually live in the complex – he and his little brother lived across the street with their Grandma.  They moved several miles away last August, but he wanted to keep coming, so every Monday afternoon I swing by his house and pick him up.

Monday we had a conversation that went like this:

Ty: “You know how every week you ask me what I learned in school and I tell you nothing?”

Me: “Yeah.”

Ty: “Well today I actually learned something new!”

Me: “Really?”

Ty: “I learned how to divide.  Ask me anything.”

Me: “6 divided by 3.”

Ty: “2.”

Me: “12 divided by 3.”

Ty: “4!”

“100 divided by 10.”


“1 million divided by 1”

“a million!”

Me: “That’s impressive.  You learned all that today?”

Ty: “Yeah.  My teacher explained it to us and I didn’t really understand it.  But then she explained it again and it was like a lightbulb came on in my head.  Division and Subtraction are a mom and dad, and Multiplication and Addition are a mom and dad.”

I’m not sure exactlly what that means, but it’s fun to see a kid suddenly figure something out.  Maybe learning division isn’t a life-changing moment, but I love seeing Ty getting excited about learning.


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