Run the Race

That’s what we talked about at our kids Bible Studies this week.  Running the race instead of being spectators.  I wish it was warmer outside so we could actually have run races.  Instead, at Rose Plaza we had a cardhouse building race to see who could build the biggest cardhouse in 5 minutes.  Unfortunately, I was too busy timing the race to take pictures.  We also made gold medals that looked like this:


I guess the kids liked them, because they left them on the rest of the afternoon.  Here’s Ty and Hunter eating while still wearing their medals:


Yesterday at NGV, we had a fun race involving unwrapping chewing gum sticks while wearing oversized gloves.  It’s pretty funny to watch.  You’ll have to take my word for it, as I have no pictures of that.  I don’t have pictures of their medals, either.  Oops. 

Anyhow, the kids told me this week they want to run the race God’s laid out for them instead of sitting back and watching.  That’s good, whether I’ve got pictures or not.


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