Frustrating news

So I found out this last week that one of the high school girls who has been active with our ministry is pregnant.  Like her mother and grandmother before her, she going to be a teenage mother.

It’s frustrating, sad, discouraging, anger inducing, etc., etc. to see a girl filled with so much potential and seemingly growing in her relationship with the Lord mess up the course of her life with one bad decision.   And it’s tough, because I can talk until I’m blue in the face about how sex leads to babies, how God’s will is for us to wait until marriage, and on and on, but I can’t be with my kids 24 hours a day.  The outside pressures from friends and families dominate their lives.

But God still works all things for good, and positive things have come from this.  A lot of her friends are in shock and it’s been a wake-up call for them.  I’ve had great talks with the girl, her grandmother (who she lives with) and her brothers.  She’s discovering what God’s loving, grace-filled forgivenss is really all about.  And she’s committed to graduating from high-school and to warning other girls not to make the same mistake she made.  Her life’s about to change drastically. 

So pray for her and for me and the women we’ve been able to put into her life to walk with her through this time.  Because all we can really do right now is love her the way Jesus loves her.


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