Adventures at Eastridge


We started our Eastridge Bible Studies (with CEF and Citychurch) back up a couple of weeks ago.  We meet every Wednesday, and it is the picture of organized chaos.   I bet we had close to 50 kids show up last week, and at least spoke little to no English.  But they enjoy themselves. 

I’m in charge of getting them all involved in a big game of some sort to get a little energy spent (the picture above is from a balloon relay race).  That’s much easier said than done.  I also do a few magic tricks every week – mastery of the English language isn’t necessary to enjoy magic, so the kids love that.  It’s also evolved into a good disciplinary measure.

“Want to see another trick?  Then sit down and be quiet or I won’t do any more.”

Yes, I’m mean.  But it works.  Anyway, that’s what I’m headed off to do in a little while.


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