A few pictures

It’s been a while since the last post, so I thought I’d just show a few pictures of the last week.

At NGV last week, in honor of Valentine’s Day, I had the kids make Valentine’s Day cards, but with a twist.  I asked them if God sent them a Valentine’s card, what would He say to them.  The kids did some pretty neat stuff, and I think it was good for the kids to think about and hear about how much God really does love them and have plans for them.  Here is some card-creating in action: 


Yesterday at Rose Plaza, yesterday Nellie and Andrea came out and taught.  They’re lesson was on Peter’s sermon the day of Pentecost about the need to repent.  Being very creative, they came up with a fun relay race.  The kids ran in a zig-zag pattern to one end (representing sin), turned around twice (representing repentance), then ran back in a straight line (representing following God).  Even if the kids didn’t quite get the point (though I think they did) it was fun to watch.


Here’s Kayla and Xylyn, after Nellie spun them around twice, running so fast that they are blurry.


Here’s everyone eagerly awaiting their turn.

So we’ve had a fun, and busy as usual week.  More posts to come!


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