Shopping with Jesse


I had a really fun morning today.  Jesse, who I’ve talked about before if you happen to read this blog semi-regularly, comes every week to the men’s Bible study at Rose Plaza.  He moved from there last summer, but loved the Bible study, so I pick him up every Friday and we go together.  We’ve become really good friends over the last several months.

Jesse has one leg and walks using a prosthesis.  As you can imagine, this is really hard on his foot and hard on his shoes.  He can’t really afford good shoes, and has had the same pair for several years.  They weren’t of high quality, were beginning to tear up and squeaked when he walked.  A friend of mine noticed this a few weeks ago, gave me $100 and said, “Go with Jesse and get him a good pair or two of shoes.”  So we went today.

Jesse was so excited, so appreciative, and so humbled as well.  We found him a nice pair of loafers for wearing to church and a nice pair of walking shoes for wearing the rest of the time.  Even better, they were on sale (which made Jesse happy, as $100 for shoes is quite a bit).  Since we had a little extra money left over, he asked if it would be allright if he got a pair of jeans. too.  Heck yes it was allright.

Boy, is he happy today.  Even better, we got all our shopping done in just under an hour.  Jesse said when he goes shopping, he knows exactly what he wants, so he doesn’t have to waste any time shopping.   Shopping with Jesse was a real highlight this year, because sometimes you just forget what a luxury having a nice pair of shoes can be.


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