Stuff we did this week

We made a pretty neat craft this week.  I have one decent picture of it taking place, so hopefully it gives you an idea of what we made.  We talked about shining for Jesus in our everyday world.  We took pie tins and poked holes in them with a nail, spelling out the word “Shine” and any other designs the kids might want to do.  When hung in front of a window, the light shines through the holes and makes a pretty neat effect.  It’s kind of a cheap version of a “Lite-Brite,” if you remember those awesome toys.

Here are a few kids working on poking holes at Rose Plaza:


We had the same lesson and crafts at the North Grand Villas Yesterday.  The weather has been warm all week, but we couldn’t play outside due to the high winds – and NGV is kind of out alone with no big buildings around it, so when the wind blows hard, it BLOWS hard out there.  We’re talking a knock-you-down-while-filling-your-teeth-and-eyes-with-dirt-particles kind of wind.  Needless to say, we played inside.  This is what the kids look like when there’s nothing to do outside:


They love the Game Cube.  I’d rather do something to burn some energy, so we played the ever-popular balloon ball:



My camera phone isn’t so great with the action shots, but you get the idea.  Anyhow – fun week!


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