There’s a lot going on around here!

Incredibly, Easter is less than a month away.  We’re in the middle of our Easter basket outreach.  Mission 2540, with the help of so many of you, will provide Easter baskets to around 125 kids (at least that’s what I think the total will be at this point).  If you’d like to help out with that in any way, comment below or email me at

Monday is the start of Spring Break.  Through my relationship with Multi-Housing Outreach at the Amarillo Baptist Association, I’m going to have a couple of youth groups from outside Amarillo come in and do weeklong Spring Break Bible Clubs at both Rose Plaza (2:30 every afternoon) and the North Grand Villas (10:30 every morning).  The kids are all very excited.  We do this every year and it’s always a fun change of pace and something to do while school is out for the week.

Then next Thursday, I (along with board members Kristie Tooley and Suzanne Schroder) will be taking a group of 4th-6th graders to Agape Camp at Hidden Falls Ranch.  Agape Camp is a free, 3 day, 2 night camp for disadvantaged kids.  We’ll ride horses, rock climb, swim, do crafts, study the bible and other fun stuff.  It looks like we’ll be taking about 15 or so kids.  I’ve never done this camp before, but I think it’s going to be a blast. 

That’s what’s coming up, so look for pictures of all the fun next week!


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