Agape Camp

Thursday morning, Suzanne Schroder, Kristie Tooley and I took off with thirteen Mission 2540 4th and 5th graders and headed to Hidden Falls Ranch (along with another 20 or so other kids) for Agape Camp, a free, 3 day, 2 night camp for disadvantaged kids.  We arrived back in Amarillo on Saturday afternoon.  We definitely had a blast.  Suzanne took, in my estimation, close to 200 pictures.  Here are just a few to show some of the fun we had.

The first day we went on a long hike and did some trust games.  First the kids had to work together to get everyone over a wall:


Here’s Ty doing what I think is a requirement for every camp you go to – the trust fall.


Friday and Saturday, the kids got to do their two favorite activities. 

1. Riding horses:


2. “Rock” climbing:


What made the rock climbing so much fun was the Zip-line off the top of the 30 foot tower.  Every one of our kids went of the Zip-line.  Some took several minutes of coaxing, but I’m so proud that each one had the courage to try it.  Here’s Tazz , who is not afraid of anything, so he had a blast and went as many times as they would let him:


I got in on the fun as well (though I wish Suzanne had taken my picture when I was hanging upside down, because this one makes it look like I was kind of nervous or something.)


Here we are all on a hike we took to the falls with some of the Hidden Falls staff (at least everyone but Suzanne, as she took the picture):


And here’s the group after getting back to town on Saturday (minus Kristie – I’m not sure where she was.  And you only see Maritza’s back, because she didn’t want to be in another picture):


It was a really great time, and I plan on sharing a little more about it this week as I process some things I saw and heard.  Spring Break was extremely hectic, but it was also a blast and even life-changing for some kids. 

But I’m kind of glad it’s over!


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