Loveful should be a word

Yesterday at the North Grand Villas, we talked about how Barnabas sold land and gave what he made to the church, and how Barnabas meant “Son of Encouragement.”  We talked about how we all had gifts we could use to encourage others.

So I had the kids get into a circle, and had them spend time encouraging each kid there.  There were lots of “You’re a good friend,” and “You dress cool,” but it was a really neat time and I know the kids came away from it truly encouraged.  But my favorite part of the day was when Logan, a 1st grader, told another kid that they were really “loveful.” 

Loveful, which I assume Logan would define as “being full of love,” is such a great word even if it’s not really a word.  But I kind of think it should be.  Because who doesn’t want to be loveful?


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