Monday at Rose Plaza

I promised more pictures this week, so I better deliver.  On Monday we had a ton of kids – I think the official count was 21.  Several new little ones came, which makes for lots of chaos but at the same time is pretty fun, as 4 and 5 year olds are rather goofy.  If you ever want a good laugh, hang out with Jose, a 4 year old who never met a stranger and has absolutely no filter – he’ll say anything at any time.

Here’s what a small room full of twenty-plus people looks like:


We’re working on decorating the big wall in the picture abover.  All the kids are making name posters.  They write their name in big bubble letters (or, more accurately, the adults write the names) and add pictures to the poster that describe what the kids do – i.e. books, soccer balls, hearts, bibles.

Here are the kids hard at work:




Fun stuff.  Keep checking back for more stories and pictures.


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