Big Bad Wolf Tag

Yesterday at NGV, we played a great game called Big Bad Wolf Tag.  The kids love it.  It works like this:  The person who is “It” is the Big Bad Wolf.  He/she stands in the middle of the playing area with their back to the other kids.  Everyone else lines up along a starting point.  They yell, “Big Bad Wolf, what time is it?”  The Wolf then says whatever time he or she wants.  The kids then take that many steps toward the wolf.  5 o’clock = 5 steps.  It looks like this:


Once the wolf feels like the kids are close enough, he answers “Dinner time” when asked what time it is, turns around, and begins tagging everyone he can get to before they get back to the starting point.  Those tagged become wolves as well, and the game goes on until everyone has been tagged.


Looks like great fun, doesn’t it?  You ought to try it at your next workplace picnic or something.


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