Lunchtime at Travis


Today I began a new, exciting opportunity at Travis Middle School, where many of the kids we minister to attend school.  A few weeks ago, a couple of the principals called and ask me if I might want to do something to help them reach out to some of the kids at the school.  Travis has a very diverse population and a lot of at-risk kids.

We came up with the idea for something called “Get Real.”  Every Wednesday, a group of 20 or so kids from each grade level will meet with me during lunchtime to talk about character, about being real, and about understanding others.  I’ll get to share a lot of Christian ideals to many kids who are at risk and in need of a mentor – without being overtly Christian, as that’s not really allowed.  It’s very exciting, and something we will continue in some form or fashion next year after a 4-week experimental run.

We had the first sessions today, and it went great.  Please pray as I have the chance to reach and minister to even more kids.



  1. What a wonderful opportunity, Brooks. You have my prayers. 🙂
    Mary B.

  2. […] people have asked how the Wednesday lunchtime program at Travis Middle School went, so I guess I’ll fill you in a bit now that it’s […]

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