The Lawnmower Dance and Batman

I learned a fun dance last year at Angel Tree Camp called the Lawnmower dance, and this spring, I decided we’d start doing it out at the apartments.  I don’t know why I waited so long to do it, because it’s a huge hit.  We do a few other songs along with it, but this is definitely the favorite.  You do different moves based on different actions of working in the yard – mowing, weedeating, trimming hedges, watering the grass, etc.  Try the motions on your own, and you’ll realize they’re great dance moves.  Trust me.

So the dance is a great way to have fun and get out some of the kids’ pent up energy.  Here we are in action:


Above is the “starting the lawnmower move, I think.


Above, obviously, we’re doing the sprinkler.


This is at the end when we karate chop each other’s back in a large congo line.  I’m not sure what this has to do with working in the yard, but it’s part of the dance.


Above Tori and Maryela are I think doing the motions for Lean on Me, which we did after the r dance yesterday.

Also, I’m sure you noticed and thought to yourself, “Hey, that one kid is wearing a Batman costume.  What’s that about?”  That’s Hunter.  He’s a special first grader who loves Batman very much.  Occasionally, he shows up in full Batman costume.  On those days, he likes me to refer to him as Batman instead of Hunter. 

Yesterday, during prayer time, he raised his hand.  I thinking he actually had something he wanted to pray for, said, “Yes Batman?” 

He replied, “Brooks, I was wondering if when you called me Batman I could call you Alfred?” 

“Sure, Hunter.  Of course.” Alfred, if you don’t know, is Batman alterego Bruce Wayne’s butler. 

Hunter’s good for a laugh like that every week.  You should come meet him sometime.



  1. That’s hysterical, Brooks.

  2. mustardseedministries · · Reply

    Yes!! We loved this! Hope you are doing well Brooks! Still praying for all your work down there, we LOVED your simplicity, humor, and transparency with everything!
    Andy and Serenity

    1. Thanks Andy and Serenity. We’ve been praying for you guys too! Hope the last leg of your journey goes great!


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