Random stuff

First of all, we leave for Awaken Youth Camp on  June 8, and it looks like we’ll be bring 13-15 kids.  Cost is $250 per kid.  I’ve got 10 kids already sponsored, which is great.  If you’d like to contribute and help send the rest of the kids to camp, comment here or email me at brooks@mission2540.org.

Secondly, the weekly lunchtime meetings at Travis have gone really well.  I’ve met lots of new kids and reconnected with a whole bunch who lived at either NGV or Rose Plaza at one time or another.  That’s been fun.  Even better has been sitting with Middle School kids and letting them open up and be honest with each other about their struggles with identity and the misjudgements people make about them based on appearance.  I’m hoping that I’m getting through to them and helping them both develop new friendships and new understandings of who they are.  We finish next week, and I’ll share some great stories and stuff then.

Finally, I thought I’d share a few pictures of the stuff we’ve been making the last couple of weeks.  At Rose Plaza, we have a big “Name Wall.”  The kids every year or two create name posters that tell who they are and what they like to do.  Everyone finally finished up their posters, and here’s what they all look like on the wall:


Last week, we talked about Philip and the Ethiopian.  Since the Ethiopian was reading a scroll, we made miniature scrolls with the bible verses on them.  Ty at Rose Plaza shows us what they looked like when unrolled:

Scroll work02

Logan excitedly shows us what his looks like when rolled up:


Here’s Adal and Benjamin each hard at work:

Scroll work


Monday, Mrs. Nellie came out to Rose Plaza and taught us about Saul’s Conversion.  She had them make some really cool butterflies to teach about the old becoming new when we put our faith in Christ.



Anyway, that’s about it.  We’re busy and the kids are all definitely ready for summer and for me to bring out water balloons so we can get wet!


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