Chris Graduates!

As the core group of kids Mission 2540 started working with begins to get older, I’ll be attending lots more graduations every year.  But this year, I had just one senior, Chris, and he graduated from Caprock High School on Saturday morning.  I’m so proud of Chris.  Around 5 years ago, his mother was tragically murdered by her boyfriend.  Since then, Chris has lived with his grandmother and helped to raise his younger sister and two younger brothers.  The deck has been extremely stacked against him.  But he’s worked hard at school, worked hard at McDonald’s (where he’s now a shift manager) and grown in his faith greatly. 

Getting that diploma was such a huge thing for him, and it was wonderful to see him walk accross the stage to get it.  Here are some pictures of the day.





(Aunt Crystall took this picture of us, so it’s kind of blurry.  But clockwise from left that’s Nathan, Chris’ one-time step dad, sister Nene, Cousin Nick, Chris, Cousin Tiara, me, little cousin AJ, and brother Tazz.)  Chris has a huge, loving, extended family.  It was great for all of them to be there.


Chris and his extremely proud Grandmother Pam. 

Chris has a great future ahead of him – he’s planning on working full-time for a while, and then may head to college at a later date.  But whatever the future holds, I know he’s got the work ethic and the moral character to make a difference in the life of his family.


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