3 Random Things

My family heads off for a vacation next week, so I wanted to blog about a few things before we leave town. 

1.  First off, I meant to post these pictures before camp, but wasn’t able to squeeze that in.  Two weeks ago, one of our great volunteers, Claudia Mezel, brought hula hoops, bubbles, and sidewalk chalk out to the North Grand Villas for some outside summer fun.  This was, obviously, a big hit with the kids.  Some pictures:




Thanks Claudia!

2.  Through a series of phone calls from a variety of people, I was put in contact with a 14 year old guy name Lupe.  Lupe just moved back to Amarillo after spending 9 months in state custody in the Houston area due to several run-ins with the law.   Lupe met the Lord while there, and his pastor there asked me to stay in contact with Lupe and disciple him a bit.  We went to lunch yesterday, and he is really a remarkable kid.  He has lived a lot of life in his 14 years and is really passionate about Jesus.  At the same time, the only people he knows in Amarillo are his fellow gang members and drug dealers who got him into the trouble he got into.  So there’s a lot of pressures on him and he’s pretty lonely.  So pray for Lupe, and pray for me as I walk with him through these early struggles.  Pray for him to meet some Godly friends this summer as well.

3. Finally, yesterday would have been the 34th birthday of the mother of Chris, Nene, Puna and Tazz.  Five years ago, she was shot and killed by her boyfriend.  Yesterday, obviously, was pretty tough for those 4 as well as their extended family.    They had a birthday cake and cookout in her honor yesterday.  Please remember them in your prayers.  As Nene told me yesterday, it doesn’t seem like it was 5 whole years ago.  The wounds are still kind of fresh.

Thanks, and I’ll share more stuff after vacation!


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