Thespians at the North Grand Villas

More often than not, we do craft-type things to illustrate or reinforce the day’s Bible story.  And that kind of grow repetitive and annoying, to be honest, what with all the gluing and cutting and sticking and cries of “Mr. Brooks, I can’t do this by myself – will you cut it?”  So we’re going to be doing some skits this summer instead. I’m either having them re-enact the day’s story or come up with scenarios out of everyday life that apply the day’s lesson. 

Skits are fun because:

1) They force the kids to think critically about the Bible and how they apply to their everyday lives.

2) They teach the kids teamwork and cooperation.

3) They teach the kids some public speaking skills.

4) They make me laugh a lot.

Yesterday, the kids put together skits re-enacting the story of Peter’s escape from prison.

Here’s the first group performing.  Michael, in the red shirt, is playing the role of Peter, asleep and chained between two guards.  Shalandria, in the green, is the angel, ready to poke him in the side and wake him up.  I don’t have a picture of the best part of their performance.  If you remember the story, as Peter leaves the prison, the city gate opens by itself.  This group had it’s two four year-olds, Madison and Terriona, play the role of the gates.  When Peter and the Angel got to them, the girls swung their arms open and let out high-pitched squeaks.  Very funny and cute.


Here’s group two, performing the second scene.  If you can’t tell, these are the members of the church in Mary’s house, praying for Peter’s safe return.


Fun stuff.


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