Two things that have nothing to do with each other

1.  You may notice there are several links to new pages up above.  Those are the basic school supply lists for our Back-to-School Outreach.  If you signed up to help us out and received a name, click on the grade that applies to the kids your sponsoring and print off your list!  If you haven’t signed up, let me know if you’d like to help.  We have around 15 kids still needing to be sponsored.

2.  Below are a few pictures of the fun from last week that I promised.  We’re doing a really cool sports camp at Travis Middle School with the help of Wade Cavitt of Paramount Baptist Church.  It’s been a blast (though it’s been wearing me out!).  I’ll have pictures of that up tomorrow or Friday, I hope.

Summer 09 week 7-8 042

Summer 09 week 7-8 043

Summer 09 week 7-8 045

Thanks to Jeff Parsons at Multihousing Outreach for sending these pictures to me.  I had some camera phone troubles and can’t publish all my great pics.  Jeff brought the folks in from New Hope FBC in Cedar Park to bring us all the fun.


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