Upward Sports Camp

Last week, Wade Cavitt with Paramount Baptist Church put together an Upward Sports Camp at Travis Middle School for some of the kids in my ministry.  I think at total of about 20 different kids came during the week.  We never had more than 12 or so on one day, but there was a different combo of kids daily.  Of course, that’s how it for us every day anyway, so why would sports camp be different? 

Anyway, we had a real blast.  Wade brought a few high school guys – Blake, Ryan, and Josh.  Josh, who just graduated, helps out at the North Grand Villas every week and knew several of the kids aready.  Blake and Ryan didn’t know any of them, but they jumped right in and the kids thought they were great.  We played basketball, dodgeball, swimming noodle hockey, flag football, kickball, and some made up games.  The kids favorite game of all was Capture the Flag, which we playd at the end of every day.  Below are a few pics.

Vacation and Mission 2540 stuff 029

Thursday morning the kids decided to have a long jump contest, since there was a sand pit.  Here is Tazz celebrating his jump while Ty and Ziron look on.

Vacation and Mission 2540 stuff 032

Tamera would rather build sand castles in the pit than jump, which kind of defeats the purpose of “sports” camp, but oh well.

Vacation and Mission 2540 stuff 030

Getting ready for flag football, which, as the boys told us repeatedly, would be a lot more fun if we could tackle.

Vacation and Mission 2540 stuff 031

Wade brought water and Gatorade to make sure we stayed hydrated.

Vacation and Mission 2540 stuff 033

Like I said, the kids loved playing capture the flag.  Here’s one of the teams returns after hiding their flag.   I guess it wasn’t my team, since I wasn’t with them.

Vacation and Mission 2540 stuff 034

Here’s Tamera out of the sand pit and involved in capture the flag.  She did a great job of guarding her team’s flag every day.

The kids loved the sports camp.  Even though they wore me out, so did I.  We’ll definitely do it again next year.  Thanks to Wade and all the guys.


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