Some more pictures of Angel Tree Camp

I said I’d post some more pictures from camp last week, so I guess I better do what I said I’d do.  I arrived at Angel Tree Camp armed with my camera to document the weekend, but quickly realized I hadn’t charged the batteries.  So I’ve got nothing for the first day and a half of us swimming, hiking, fishing, and having a late-night, impromptu water balloon fight with the girls.  The fight kind of got out of hand, and I may or may not have contributed to the excitement by filling up a bunch of water balloons. 

Luckily, on Sunday afternoon, my wife and kids came out to camp and I received new batteries from Sunny.  They came out because my wife helped paint toenails and fingernails of the girls as part of an afternoon of pampering (they also got their hair done and faces painted).  While the girls were doing that, the boys played football with several players from WTAMU.  They put them through a bunch of drills, then scrimmaged.  That was fun.  Then I was able to start taking pictures.  So are a few:

Angel Tree Camp 09 015

Jose, Anthony, and Jhaiden waiting to take the official Angel Tree Camp photo.

Angel Tree Camp 09 016

Everyone else milling about and waiting to take the picture.

Angel Tree Camp 09 011

This is U’vante.  Don’t let the sweet, charming smile  fool you.  He’s a mess.  But I was so excited to have him in my cabin this year, because I’ve known him for several years.  His big sister, Unique, is great friends with a bunch of the NGV girls, so she’s really been a part of our ministry since about the beginning.  But I’ve never got the chance to know U’vante all that well.   So we were able to spend some great time together, and I know we will in the future, too.

Angel Tree Camp 09 020

Here’s the Green boys’ cabin .  Nine 8 year-olds, plus me, 2 college guys, and a high schooler all crammed into here.  Suprisingly, by the end of the weekend, it was a huge mess.

Angel Tree Camp 09 009

Monday we had messy games. They were gross.  We did things like a banana split slip-n-slide (full of ice cream, bananas, cherries, whip cream, etc.) playing on a tarp full of baby oil, stuff with shaving cream, and the one thing I refused to do – throwing marshmellows on the faces of counselors that were covered with peanut butter.  And then a big fight broke on the field using all the above mentioned products.  Disgusting time, yet lots of fun.  More pics of that:

Angel Tree Camp 09 002

Angel Tree Camp 09 004

Angel Tree Camp 09 007

Angel Tree Camp 09 008

Angel Tree Camp 09 005

And there you go.  Pictures of the fun from the last 24 hours of Angel Tree Camp.  The first two days looked just as fun.  Trust me. 

Oh, and I’ve been asked to post a picture of me in my pirate costume.  Unfortunately, I think I may have intentionally lost the one picture I had.  Sorry. 🙂



  1. My name is Katherine Craddock, and I have been a writer for 10 years with Prison Fellowship. I have 3 little kids, so I write from home (hence the personal email address).

    Currently I am in charge of the Angel Tree “Child of the Month” program in which we feature one special family or child each month to a small group of supporters so that they can keep that child in prayer.

    Are there any children in particular that you have worked with that stand out to you as someone I could contact to feature as our “Child of the Month”? If so, I would love to feature them! I would need a photo and a short phone interview with the family.

    Additionally, would you mind letting me know of any amazing testimonies that come out of your work this summer? We would love to proclaim God’s goodness and glory to those with a heart for hurting kids.

    Love in Christ,

    Katherine Craddock
    Writer, Angel Tree and Prison Fellowship

    PS — As the wife of a youth pastor (who is preparing for a week-long camp myself!) and someone who has taken teenagers to camp probably well over 60 times, I have the deepest love, respect, and understanding for what you all do. I’m sure you are crazy busy, so I really appreciate your time!

    1. Katherine, I just now saw your comment. Thanks for the encouragement! I’m not the guy to ask on the Angel Tree stuff here. I’ve helped every year with their camp, but that’s about it. Here in Amarillo, the camp is seperate from the Christmas outreach somehow. I’m not sure of the details about that. And sadly, due to funding problems, we don’t get to have an Angel Tree Camp this year. My summer, however, is still super busy :). If you want some contact info for further help, let me know.

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