Rose Plaza Back-To-School Party

I’m finallly getting around to posting pictures from last week’s Rose Plaza party.  We picked up the kids and went to Forrest Hill Park.  Several families from the apartments joined us as well, so we probably had 30 or so people playing and eating hotdogs.  Just like at our party last year, we handed out the supplies in a big rainstorm, but at least the heavy rain didn’t come until the very end so we could at least run around and have a little fun at the park. 

Cookin' dogs in the rain

Here’s Terrance, Tamera’s dad, cooking our hotdogs with help from Suzanne.  There’s an umbrella up, but it really wasn’t raining much at the time.  I guess they just wanted to keep the dogs dry.

Playing football

Here’s me and the kids enjoying a game of Jackpot, which involves a football and getting points for catching it.

Lining up to eat

Here’s the kids lining up for hotdogs. Special thanks goes to my mom, Andrea, Nellie, and Pat for helping Suzanne and I out with everything.  They’re great food servers.


Enjoying hotdogs before the rain really started to come down.

Staying dry

Enjoying the food once the rain started falling a bit more.

Waiting for backpacks

And here’s everyone waiting on me to bring the rest of the backpacks so I could hand them out.  We’d have some pictures of everyone with their backpacks, but that’s when the huge downpour began and we all had to load everything and everyone up without getting too wet.  We succeeded in getting everything loaded, but weren’t successful in staying dry.  However, it was lots of fun.

Between that party and the NGV party and a few other stops along the way, we gave away over 150 backpacks filled with supplies.  It was lots of fun, but I’m sure glad we’re done with it!


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