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Boy, I hadn’t realized it’s been so long since I last posted something.  I guess I’m still recovering from the Summer and things have slowed down a bit.  Here are a few items of note, however:

1.  I begin my Wednesday lunchtime “Get Real” program at Travis Middle School on October 7.  We started it last May, and I think it was really successful.  I’ll be meeting with around 20 or so “at-risk” kids from each grade at Travis and talking about their lives and being who they were made to be. 

2. Interesting story.  I picked up Tazz, a 5th grader, to take him to the NGV Boys Bible study last week (he used to live at NGV, but Mission 2540 continues to be a part of his family’s life).  He got in my car and said, “Brooks I just got in a fight after getting off the bus.  But the kid I beat up deserved it.”  Apparently, the boy he fought is from Africa, and was picking on a little white girl and talking bad about Hispanic kids and white kids.  Tazz, who is black, said, “Man, I have Mexican friends and white friends.  I hate when people are racists, and he shouldn’t have picked on that girl, so I fought him.”   I told Tazz (yet again) that fighting is wrong and there are much better ways to handle things.  But I guess at least in this case his cause was a noble one instead of a fight over a seat on the bus or something.  So I guess maybe Tazz is making a little progress 🙂

3.  We’ve had a ton of new kids coming to our Bible Studies at both Rose Plaza and the North Grand Villas.  I love how every September when school starts new families move into the complexes and we’re able to reach out and ministry to some new kids.

4.  Please be in prayer for the Luster family.  They’ve lived at NGV as long as we’ve been going there.  Late last month, Otha – the mom, her 15 year old son Tim, her daughter Brandi and Brandi’s two small children were in a very bad car accident.  It could have been much, much worse – their vechicle rolled over, but Otha and Tim did receive some pretty serious injuries.  Tim broke his nose badly and fractured his cheekbone as well.  He’s finally been released to go back to school next week.  Otha suffered a lacerated spleen and is still dealing with some internal bleeding. 

I think that’s all for now.  I’ll post some pictures next week.  I promise!


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